Texas Poker Strategy Tips That Increase Your Win Rate

Don’t miss out on these Texas Poker strategy tips that will upgrade your poker-brain and increase your win rate instantly. Don’t fall behind of the competition.

No matter who you are these tips are going to hit home like a sack of whapowy. As you read them you’ll become more aware of all the times you contradicted them and how that made you lose/fail that time.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #1

Stop bluffing, stupid. You aren’t kidding anyone.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #2

Stop worrying about what you are doing and start worrying about what everyone else is doing. Watch the other players, observe the cards they play, their betting patterns, identify their styles. Then take advantage of this information.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #3

Take a plan to the battlefield. Without a plan you are planning to fail. You should know what hole cards your gonna play, in what position, how much your gonna bet, what types of flops you’re targeting and which you will back off on, and how your presenting yourself to the other players.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #4

If you haven’t hit by the flop you’ve got hardly any chance. If you still haven’t hit on the turn your chances of hitting on the river are so slim. Stop chasing your tail like a stupid dog. Stop playing stuff that’s got no chance!

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #5

If your calling or checking more than half of your ‘turns’ you are playing passive and you are going to lose. Delete check from your vocabulary. Only ever call in pre-defined situations (refer to your plan)

As you are reading this I’m sure you are realizing how you have broken the rules outlined in these tips and how this has cost you quite a lot of money. Add that money up. How much is it all? So essentially the information in this article is worth that amount of money.

Now let me ask you another question. What is it that made you come to this article? I’ll tell you what, curiosity and intrigue made you find this article. A desire to learn, a willingness to become better at poker it’s exactly what drove you here.

Feel free to continue to experience this feeling of intense curiosity – the feeling that makes you want acquire whatever information will teach you something you might need to learn about poker – and follow on and act on these thoughts. Because when you do you will become more successful in poker. And each time you turn away and don’t act to find out more you will become a worse poker player.

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Texas Poker Strategy – 3 Tips To A Winning Strategy

Are you bitter over the amount of money you have lost playing poker? You need these Texas Poker strategy tips on how to win easily.

Playing Texas can be fun and profitable, but sadly, for most, they actually lose money playing poker. There are only a few people who win at poker; the select top 5% and the poker rooms taking rake. All the others are simply showing up, having a go, losing, and donating there money.

Which side do you want to be on?

Texas Poker Strategy Winning Tip #1

This might sound a little too straight forward, but seriously, if your current Texas Poker strategy is losing you money, well, stop doing it. Stop doing the same things and losing money over and over.

If something isn’t working, change it. You are insane to think that the same strategy will give you different results. “Oh, just if I get different cards next time.’ Or ‘Oh, just if I’m against a different opponent next time.’ Here’s an idea, change yourself. Change how you play, and your results will change a lot faster.

Texas Poker Strategy Winning Tip #2

It is vitally important to use the correct strategy for the correct level you are playing at. The biggest example of this is when players watch the WPT on TV and start playing like the pros, then wonder why they aren’t winning. Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact you aren’t playing against professional poker players.

Using advanced poker strategies against new/beginner players is just as weak as using beginner tactics against advanced players. You need to change how you are playing to the level you are playing at. Your strategy should evolve and grow with you as you move up through the ranks. What works at one point will be redundant at another.

Texas Poker Strategy Winning Tip #3

It’s also important to have different strategies for different times. Again, the biggest example is having a different strategy for cash games and tournaments. The reason is the style of play, or how the game is played out, is vitally different in each.

In cash games, you can afford to sit and wait for good cards. In tournaments, the blinds are always increase and you need to be moving forward just to keep up. Think about how the tournament will require a different fundamental strategy than the cash game.

Now, you most likely becoming aware of how useful these tips have been to you, and you are realizing a few points they have opened up in your mind. You now how some powerful information to think about. The only thing left for you to do is to continue on your journey of learning about poker. Continue educating yourself. Never turn down an opportunity to learn and you will become a very successful poker player very quickly.

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Texas Poker Strategy – 3 Tips On A Strong Strategy

Are you bothered that you are losing more than you think you should? Maybe you need a stronger Texas Poker Strategy that wins easily?

Texas Poker Strategy – #1 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Usually, it is easier to win when you play better cards. As in cards that have a high likelihood of winning. You may not get these cards every time but you definitely want to be playing them to their maximum potential.

If you want a strong Texas Poker strategy I would rely on one where having strong cards is a major factor. There are other strategies where you can play more cards, weaker cards, etc, but this might not be the strongest strategy for you as it can often be quite hard or difficult to implement these successfully.

Texas Poker Strategy #2 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Also, it is vitally important that aggression is incorporated into whatever strategy you decide to use. Aggression makes strategies strong, or stronger if it’s already strong.

I never play any strategies that involve weird trapping plans, or weak limping and calling strategies etc. I always using strong strategies that utilize aggression and betting to maximize wins and minimize losses.

Texas Poker Strategy #3 Tip On A Strong Strategy

The third and final thing you really want to be looking out for in a strong Texas Poker strategy is that it will stand the test of time. Although there are some quick and nasty strategies that will make you money in the short term, it is much better to look for and work on a strong strategy that will always work in the future no matter what.

Although it takes a little longer in the beginning, building your strong strategy upon a solid foundation of skills and abilities will enable you to always make money playing poker. And once you get to the profitable stage it’s like no one can ever take it away from you. No one can ever take away your ability to sit down and make money playing poker. And once you have that you can imagine how great and powerful you will feel.

Think about how wonderful it would be to be able to make any money you want, to sit down at the table and be confident that you will win no matter who is playing. Imagine how you would feel. You would feel relaxed, confident and also a bit excited. You would be experiencing a sense of safety and security.

You can achieve this and become such a good poker player that you can generate money on command. The only way though is to continue to learn and educate yourself how to do it. Developing a strong Texas Poker strategy takes time and effort, but most of all education. So please, never ever turn down an opportunity to learn more about poker. Never turn down an opportunity to learn a new and better Texas Poker strategy.

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